Contractors and subcontractors archive their works with visuals at all stages of the projects. These images are mainly used in internal reporting, in the reports submitted to the employer, company websites and social media accounts. The images also can be shared with safety, quality control, tender and PR departments. The periodic presentation of the construction process in residential and villa projects to customers via social media also increases the trust of customers in the company. Taking photos of staff is in demand and often used for company media portfolios.



Taking photo of construction site is not an easy process and depends on weather conditions, the area where the building is located, its height and at what time of day the main facade receives it. The hours of sunrise and sunset, the angle of the sun at the shooting time are important. 


The layout of construction materials, machinery and equipment on the site, using of personal protective equipments such as construction boots, safety glasses, high visibility vests, hard hats by workers and staff personnel at the construction site are important and preparation should be made before shooting.


I use professional techniques to get the best result. In the process of photographing, I am taking photo from different angles, for the most qualitative selection of frames. All photos selected by the client are post-processed and retouched if necessary.


Post-processing includes:

• Batching images for HDR

• White balance equalization

• Alignment of vertical and horizontals

• Correction of distortion

• Correction of brightness, contrast and saturation


Additional information:

• HDR shooting is performed by using a tripod

• Company logo can be added according to your request.

• The photo resolution is 72 dpi or 300 dpi according to the request.

• Images for social media can also be reduced according to demand.