Born on 1977 in Istanbul.


Since 1994 has been engaged in aviation photography as a favorite hobby.


In 2013, became interested in advertising photography. Learned this style of photography through self-education and by completing a course on commercial photography at the Cross Photo School.


Following the course, began to work professionally in advertising photography, specializing in interiors, architecture, food, and products. ,The main genre is interior and architectural photography.


In 2020, he published printable books, “Metal Kanatlar” in Turkish, “Влюбленный в небо” in Russian, and “Airliners in Focus” in English where he had chronicles the best photographs and favorite memories while photographing aircraft at airports all around the world. The books also serve as a guide to those interested in beginning the hobby of aviation photography.


In 2021, began giving online lessons for foreigners to develop Turkish oral language skills


In 2023, published "Holiday in Turkey", a Turkish dialog book designed to improve the spoken language of foreigners planning to learn Turkish.


Like to approach each project using his creative ideas to produce the best results and always open to new ideas and look forward to communicating and collaborating.

aktuğ ateş