avıatıon photography

Aviation photography / planespotting has existed for over 30 years and has been an increasingly popular hobby today through the development of digital camera and lens technologies. This hobby is enjoyed by aviation enthusiasts from all different ages and walks of life, including pilots and aviation professionals. The goal is to capture quality images of aircraft in all phases of flight, whether taxiing or parked, by using the best composition and photography techniques.


The number of photographers around the world grows every year, and the hobby gains more influence and importance as many airlines have began to use quality images taken by aviation photographers on their social media accounts. As a result, today, many airports give opportunities to hundreds of photographers to get the best aviation images they can. They organize official spotting days where they allocating buses for movement within the apron, provide trips where students can walk through airports and learn about day-to-day operations, and display aviation photography exhibitions inside terminals. The best photos taken during official spotting sessions are published on airports’ social media accounts. Furthermore, airport authorities have opened visitor terraces in terminals and built special platforms near runways for enthusiasts. These terraces are not only enjoyed by photographers, but also ordinary passengers who are waiting for their flights. Families with children often visit these observation platforms to watch takeoffs and landings on weekends.

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